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AgilePath’s Actionable Enterprise Architecture (EA) Practice

enterprise architectureAgilePath’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice is different from most EA practices.  Our emphasis is on actionable EA to enable rapid, agile Solution design and delivery.  We believe EA serves a strategic business purpose by enabling business capabilities to be implemented via IT architecture and agile IT delivery processes.  Enterprise Architecture, Domain Architecture and Solution Architecture are closely related and aligned processes, each of which leads to business-aligned solutions implemented via a rigorous, well-governed Enterprise Architecture process.
The following are the key capabilities of AgilePath’s Enterprise Architecture practice:

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) Program Design and Implementation
  • EA Framework Evaluation and Selection
  • EA Tools Evaluation, Selection and Implementation
  • Domain Architecture Development, e.g. Cloud architecture, Data architecture, Security architecture, Big Data architecture
  • Solution Architecture, Solution Modeling and Solution Design/Delivery
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance
  • EA Managed Services
  • AgileQuad™ Requirements & Solution Modeling Framework

AgilePath’s EA practice has provided value to Commercial F1000 and Public Sector enterprises for over 10 years across a full range of services and solutions.  Below are some client examples of AgilePath’s EA engagements:
For a Fortune 500 high tech semiconductor firm, AgilePath applied our AgileQuad™ modeling framework to help them decompose their eCommerce domain into candidate SOA services to accelerate development and deployment of SOA capabilities via their Enterprise Service Bus.
For a DoD Agency, AgilePath developed a To-Be Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF to help accelerate their transition to a future state Enterprise Architecture.  While DoDAF is the DoD EA framework, TOGAF was chosen to document the To-Be Enterprise Architecture for speed and flexibility.

For the US Air Force, AgilePath developed an Enterprise Architecture process to accommodate their Target Architecture, Implementation Architecture and Operational Baseline concepts as derived from their IT strategy and Enterprise Architecture process.
For a Fortune 100 Transportation/Distribution firm, AgilePath extended its TOGAF-based Enterprise Architecture to develop its Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Domain architecture, SOA Developers Guide and SOA Governance/Data Governance model.
For a Fortune 500 Retailer, AgilePath supported its TOGAF-based EA process by helping define a SOA strategy and roadmap, including a SOA Reference Model, SOA Reference Architecture, SOA Governance roadmap and more.  SOA was a direct extension of its TOGAF EA framework.
For a Fortune 500 Property and Casu8alty Insurance company, AgilePath designed and implemented an Enterprise Architecture Governance model to enable its IT transformation and consolidation of Commercial Lines business units, business processes and IT capabilities.
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Below are the details of AgilePath’s Enterprise Architecture practice and capabilities:

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) Program Design and Implementation:  AgilePath will help your organization design and implement a robust EA program to achieve your strategic objectives for Enterprise Architecture. This will include an EA strategy, organizational design, personnel planning and development, EA processes, EA governance, and EA sustainment and renewal. 
  • EA Framework Evaluation and Selection:  AgilePath can help you compare leading Enterprise Architecture frameworks and determine what is the best fit for your EA practice, e.g. TOGAF, Zachman, DoDAF, Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and others.  AgilePath is experienced with all of the leading Enterprise Architecture frameworks and can help your organization adopt the right approach for your needs.
  • EA Tools Evaluation, Selection and Implementation:  EA tools and repositories are constantly evolving to address today’s dynamic technology environment.  AgilePath can help you evaluate the leading EA tools, and then select and implement the appropriate Enterprise Architecture tools to meet your needs.
  • Domain Architecture Development:  AgilePath can accelerate extending Enterprise Architecture into specific technology domains, such as Security architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud computing, Data Architecture, Analytics and Big Data architecture, and more. 
  • Solution Architecture, Solution Modeling and Solution Design/Delivery:  The centerpiece of AgilePath’s Enterprise Architecture practice is applying it to business and IT problems to generate EA-aligned solutions that, when implemented, deliver business value.   Solution architecture, solution modeling and solution design & delivery are the ways by which an Enterprise Architecture becomes actionable to drive benefits to the business.
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance:  AgilePath’s expertise in Enterprise IT governance is globally recognized, and EA Governance is an area we have deep expertise in.  If you are designing a new EA governance model, or trying to simplify and streamline your EA governance model, AgilePath brings experience, proven methodologies and frameworks to bear on this important topic.
  • EA Managed Services:  If you are not getting value from EA, AgilePath can assume responsibility for EA and EA Governance by providing it as a managed service to you. If you are interested in this approach, we will be happy to help you evaluate if this approach is right for your organization.
  • AgileQuad™ Modeling Framework:  AgilePath invented the AgileQuad™ modeling framework for SOA service identification and modeling, and we have since extended this framework to Agile user story modeling, legacy portfolio modernization modeling and more.  AgileQuad uses an EA-aligned set of patters to enable requirements decomposition and user story creation and modeling based on these patterns.  Call us to see how AgileQuad™ can help accelerate solution architecture and solution design using the AgileQuad™ Modeling Framework.

A Lean Governance Manifesto

Develop a model for an efficient, effective, scalable and friction-free enterprise governance framework, which we call Event-Driven Governance.

A Lean Governance

Develop a model for an efficient, effective, scalable and friction-free enterprise governance framework, which we call Event-Driven Governance.