AgilePath Introduces Three Pillars of Cloud Computing Success, Setting Standard for Cloud Leadership Governance and Management

Posted on July 23, 2013

Cloud computing is being adopted at a furious pace, which is not surprising given the compelling benefits that this technology offers.  The many benefits Cloud offers will ultimately be realized as this technology matures and becomes mainstream.  However, a number of Cloud computing obstacles and challenges remain to be addressed, including security concerns, immature industry API standards, and ensuring cloud portability, interoperability and integration.  Add to these the uncertainty and risk that typically accompanies new technologies, and the immaturity of Cloud governance and management frameworks, and you have many of the reasons to proceed cautiously with Cloud computing.

However, all of these challenges and obstacles can be overcome and managed through the Three Pillars of Cloud Computing Success:  Cloud-Centric Leadership, Cloud Governance and Cloud Management.

Cloud-Centric Leadership is essential for establishing the overall strategic direction, culture and environment to enable Cloud computing to be pursued as an Enterprise strategy without fear.  Cloud Governance provides the oversight, policy and guidance, and decision-making framework to enable Cloud computing to be exploited to realize value.  Cloud Management provides the technical capabilities to consume Cloud resources, and from a service provider perspective, provides the technical capabilities of management, provisioning, load balancing, integration between Clouds, and more.

The Three Pillars are covered in our upcoming webinar, The Three Pillars of Cloud Computing Success ™ hosted by AgilePath Corporation. Free registration for our August 15th webinar can be found here –

Date: August 15th
Time: 12 PM EDT