Three Pillars of Cloud Computing: Cloud-Centric Leadership

Posted on August 1, 2013

This post is part four in our series on the Three Pillars of Cloud Computing.  To begin your introduction to the Three Pillars, check out our posts Introduction to the Three Pillars of Cloud Computing.

The first, and most important pillar of Cloud computing success, is Cloud-Centric Leadership.  Cloud-centric Leadership refers to the necessary vision and leadership to demonstrate a commitment to renew the role of IT and the role of IT leaders in the age of cloud computing.  Cloud-centric Leadership refers to the overall approach necessary to embrace the sweeping changes ushered in by Cloud computing trends, and turn them into competitive advantage and innovation on behalf of the business.

An integrated Cloud management and governance framework will enable Cloud resource consumers to compare prices, evaluate offerings, service levels, and ultimately consume only the IT resources they want, when they want, yet in a proactive model that is established, managed and maintained by the IT organization.  IT organizations of the future must act as the relationship manager for all business units and consumers of IT resources.  IT organizations must once again become the trusted acquisition agent, broker and provisioner of all IT resources, regardless of whether they are internal, external or even managed services from trusted suppliers.

IT Leadership must envision and implement the processes that will enable the Next Generation of IT.  Cloud-Centric Leadership will proactively define an IT operating model that will transcend the Age of Cloud Computing, and some key requirements of this IT transformation include:

  • Enterprise services computing
  • Business relationship management
  • IT resources acquisition and contracts management
  • IT resource portfolio management
  • IT resources brokering
  • Integrated resources management

You can learn more about these Cloud-Centric Leadership requirements in our earlier whitepaper, “Exploring the Cloud Governance Lifecycle,” which is available here.

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