Three Pillars of Cloud Computing: Cloud Governance

Posted on August 6, 2013

Cloud computing presents a number of challenges and obstacles that must be addressed, including security, lack of industry API standards, and ensuring Cloud portability, interoperability and integration.

All of these challenges and obstacles, along with the risk and uncertainty that accompanies any new technology, can be overcome through AgilePath’s Three Pillars of Cloud Computing Success ™: Cloud-Centric Leadership, Cloud Governance, and Cloud Management.  This blog post will cover the second pillar, Cloud Governance.

Cloud Governance is a fairly emergent concept, and so we must spend some time on terminology.  Cloud Governance refers to the decision-making processes, criteria and policies involved in the planning, architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation and management of a Cloud computing capability.

Every new technology trend usually creates a vacuum in the form of key IT disciplines that will help with the adoption, insertion and value creation from that new technology.  Information Technology (IT) acquisition processes tend to be strained with new technologies.  Industry standards typically lag behind the early adopters of new technologies.  Proven methodologies and guidance as to how best to adopt these new technologies are almost always missing.  And finally, Enterprise IT governance processes tend to strain or fracture with the innovation and adoption of new technologies.

Cloud computing strains many existing IT management and governance paradigms just as previous technology trends have.  As this exciting technology trend accelerates, the Cloud governance issues will become increasingly critical, especially in the areas of security, risk, interoperability, portability, vendor lock-in and others.  We will cover this subject in more depth in our Three Pillars webinar on August 15. Hosted by AgilePath President and CEO Eric Marks, this webinar is free of charge and will be accompanied by a download of the Three Pillars whitepaper.