Three Pillars of Cloud Computing: Cloud Management

Posted on August 12, 2013

This post is part three in our series on the Three Pillars of Cloud Computing.  To begin your introduction to the Three Pillars, check out our posts Introduction to the Three Pillars of Cloud Computing, Pillar 1: Cloud-Centric Leadership, and Pillar 2: Cloud Governance.

Cloud management is a very emerging capability, and yet is an essential factor in realizing the business benefits of Cloud computing.  This is why Pillar 3 of Cloud Computing success is Cloud Management. Cloud management refers to the suite of enabling technology and tools that actually manage, deliver, and monitor the performance of Cloud services and resources provided by Cloud providers and consumed by Cloud consumers. Cloud Governance and Cloud Management provide key enabling capabilities for Cloud computing, and can be considered critical requirements.  Cloud management is an immature space with very few industry standards guiding the selection, implementation and use of Cloud management tools in support of complex multi-API and hybrid Cloud environments.

With Cloud computing on the rise, Cloud service providers enable consumers to create complex computing environments by leveraging emerging Cloud orchestration and management tools that support the concept of “templates” or pre-defined Cloud management profiles.  Under this approach, pre-built, pre-tested templates will be managed in a catalog, which may contain hundreds of pre-defined IT templates, with the ability to customize them to meet specific business needs.

Cloud service providers are starting to appreciate the magnitude of complex Cloud management requirements associated with implementing, or configuring and renting, a Cloud computing environment for mission critical business requirements.  The maturation of Cloud management profiles, or “orchestration templates,” will be essential to accessing and consuming Cloud computing capabilities from a portfolio of Cloud service providers.

Cloud governance and Cloud management are essential for implementing and managing an optimized Cloud computing environment, regardless of whether you implement private, public or hybrid Cloud models.

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