On-Demand Webinar – Event-Driven Governance

Posted on July 10, 2012

Don’t fine-tune your current Governance model. Tear it down, and replace it with Event-Driven Governance!

This on-demand webinar will present a model for an efficient, effective, scalable and friction-free enterprise governance framework, which we call Event-Driven Governance. Event-Driven Governance is a new approach to enterprise governance based on principles of just-in-time, event-based policy enforcement, and virtual governance organizations that are triggered by governance necessities (as opposed to creating oversight committees or duplicate governance organizations).

Event-Driven Governance is a performance-based model, driven by metrics and processes, as opposed to a compliance-based model centered on policing conformance.

During this webinar you will learn the following concepts:

  • Overview of Enterprise Governance and the Enterprise Governance Lifecycle™
  • Symptoms of “typical” Governance Approaches
  • Definition of Event-Driven Governance Framework
  • Principles of Event-Driven Governance
  • Overview of Policies and Policy Enforcement Events
  • Description of Governance Events and Policy Threads
  • Benefits of Event-Driven Governance

Click here to view on demand: http://agile-path.com/webinar-advanced-approach-to-enterprise-governance.php

In addition, in support of the webinar concepts, AgilePath will soon release a white paper entitled:

“A lean  Enterpise Governance Manifesto”  Improving Buinsee Perfomance with Event-Driven Governance…stay tuned!