AgilePath Releases Cloud Computing Playbook Assessment Template for Complementary Download

Posted on June 6, 2010

Also Releases New Cloud Computing Reference Model Whitepaper

NEWBURYPORT, MA – (June 2, 2010) – AgilePath Corporation, a leading IT management
consulting firm, today announced the release of its Cloud Computing Playbook™
Business Discovery Template for complementary download from
AgilePath’s Cloud Computing Playbook™ Business Discovery Template describes the
necessary information to complete a Cloud Computing assessment and determine an
organization’s Cloud computing readiness. In addition, AgilePath is offering services
bundles with the Cloud computing assessment template, including a one-day Cloud
Jumpstart package, a two-day Cloud Mentoring package, and a five-day Cloud Facilitation
package to accelerate and guide the completion of the Cloud Computing Assessment.

In addition, AgilePath is releasing a new whitepaper entitled “A Pragmatic Cloud
Computing Reference Model.” This new whitepaper provides an overview of the
Cloud Computing Reference Model (CC-RM) that was developed in Mr. Marks’ new
book Executive’s Guide to Cloud Computing” co-Authored with Bob Lozano, Founder
of Appistry. The Cloud Computing Reference Model has been successfully applied in
Federal Government and Commercial organizations, and provides a crucial planning
and architecture framework to accelerate the migration to Cloud computing.

“We are pleased to offer our Cloud computing thought leadership in the form of our
Cloud Computing Playbook™ Business Discovery Template and the Cloud Computing
Reference Model whitepaper,” said Eric Marks, Founder, President and CEO of AgilePath
Corporation. “AgilePath will continue to release additional Cloud Computing Playbook™
artifacts and thought leadership materials to facilitate broader industry adoption of
Cloud computing to solve pressing business challenges.”

To download the Cloud Computing Playbook™ Business Discovery Template, please
register at, and you will then be able to download the template.
To download “A Pragmatic Cloud Computing Reference Model,

To support the release of “A Pragmatic Cloud Computing Reference Model” and
“Executive’s Guide to Cloud Computing,” AgilePath and Appistry announced a series of
joint Webinars to focus on key themes from the book, such as the compelling value
proposition of cloud computing, how to get started, and how to achieve agility, scalability
and efficiency with both private and public clouds. These will be scheduled during June
– August 2010, and focus on the following topics:

*The Cloud Adoption Lifecycle: June 17
*Cloud Architecture, Modeling and Design: July 15
*The Move Towards Big Data: Aug 12

Attendees are eligible to win a copy of Executive Guide to Cloud Computing. To view
the Cloud Computing Webinar schedule, visit