Cloud Brokering and Market Place Functions

Posted on August 6, 2014

The following is the second excerpt in a series of three from the whitepaper, Brokering Your Way to Cloud Computing Success. For more information on Cloud brokering strategy and philosophy and to receive the whitepaper, join the live webinar on Thursday, August 21st

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Cloud broker capability provides the functionality to establish and conduct Cloud marketplace activities, including providing a self-service portal, a Cloud service catalog, enabling pricing and comparisons of Cloud services, and facilitating the consumption of Cloud services by application developers and other Cloud consumers. The brokering and marketplace capabilities are centered on enabling Cloud resource consumption by current and potential consumers via permission or role-based access to various Cloud services by pre-established purchasing or buying limits. Creating such a multi-Cloud marketplace enables comparisons of more-or-less equivalent Cloud services by provider, by configuration and by technology such that consumers are empowered to select the Cloud services that best meet their business and technical needs.

cloud broker and marketplace

Cloud brokering and marketplace capabilities are core functions that Cloud brokers are expected to provide out of the box to support the business and operating model of a brokered Cloud operating model. The following functionality is expected to be provided:

  • Establish a Cloud computing marketplace and ecosystem that connects Cloud consumers and Cloud providers via a transparent, unified, aggregated service marketplace
  • Provide a self-service portal for Cloud services
  • Provide a service catalog that integrates / aggregates the Cloud services from multiple service providers
  • Enable service comparisons, pricing comparisons, generation of IT bill of materials
  • Enable service arbitrage by moving workloads from one provider to another provider’s equivalent service to reap cost savings
  • Support reservation and spot buy modes of service consumption
  • Support metering, billing and accounting, usage metrics, and financial accounting function
  • Provide reporting, dashboard and metrics of service consumption, availability, and more

These requirements are all based on the necessary functionality to enable an organization to become a Cloud Broker or broker/provider to a target marketplace of Cloud consumers. These functional capabilities of the broker platform provide key business and market place functions that implement the desired Cloud business and operating model. For more information on Cloud brokering strategy and philosophy, join the live webinar, Brokering Your Way to Cloud Computing Success, on Thursday, August 21st