On Demand Webinar: Cloud Management and Governance

Posted on April 30, 2012

On Demand Webinar now available:
Cloud Management and Governance: Taming the Wild Wild West!

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Last month AgilePath facilitated a Cloud Management and Governance Webinar. As it turns out, we had a recorded number of attendees as the this topic seems to be gaining speed.

The blog below offers an overview:

Cloud computing enables a new threshold of enterprise agility through rapid provisioning of IT resources in support of critical business needs, time to market requirements, business model innovation, and overall better business-IT alignment.  Cloud computing offers an effective way to rapidly respond to emerging business challenges, while offering cost and agility benefits that cannot be matched with conventional IT models.  With Cloud computing, IT lead times to bring new services online are reduced to minutes from months.  New virtual machines can be provisioned almost as fast as a credit card can be swiped.  Business capabilities can be launched within days and weeks, as opposed to months and years.

The rapid emergence of Cloud computing is pressuring two areas of critical need in IT organizations:  Cloud Governance and Cloud Management.

Cloud governance creates the fundamental mechanisms to enable Cloud computing to be pursued as an enterprise strategy, with appropriate definition around architecture, standards for interoperability and portability, and of course security and privacy.  Cloud governance also drives vendor management, contract management, service contracts and SLAs, and of course ties into ITSM requirements for Cloud management processes, tools and technologies, and run-time management of complex Cloud environments.

Cloud management is an immature space with very few industry standards guiding the selection, implementation and use of Cloud management tools in support of complex Cloud environments.

With Cloud computing on the rise, Cloud service providers enable consumers to create complex computing environments by leveraging emerging Cloud orchestration and management tools that support the concept of “templates” or pre-defined Cloud management profiles.  Under this approach, pre-built, pre-tested profiles are managed in a catalog, which can contain hundreds of pre-defined IT templates, with the ability to customize them to meet specific business needs.

Cloud service providers are starting to appreciate the magnitude of the complex Cloud management requirements associated with implementing, or configuring and renting, a Cloud computing environment for mission critical business requirements.  The maturation of Cloud management profiles, or “templates,” will be essential to accessing and consuming Cloud computing capabilities from a portfolio of Cloud service providers.  Interestingly, templates make it easier, and in some respects too easy, to create or access Cloud computing environments optimized for a specific business user’s needs.  Hundreds or even thousands of “optimized” VMs stand at the ready for easy access, provisioning and consumption. But just like life in a gold rush town, where lawlessness and greed prevail, we will reach a critical juncture where self-interests, lack of standardization, and inability to share Cloud resources can no longer be sustained.  Cloud governance and Cloud management are essential for implementing and managing an optimized Cloud computing environment, regardless of whether you implement private, public or hybrid Cloud models.

This webinar we will discuss:

  • The relationship of Cloud governance and Cloud Management frameworks, and the associated concepts and terminology associated with these disciplines
  • The current state of cloud management approaches, tool sandbox frameworks, and how templates are essential to enable orchestration and management of highly-virtualized Cloud computing environments.
  • Relevant industry standards that enable Cloud management to be realized leveraging Cloud management profiles or “templates”
  • A conceptual architecture for selecting, implementing and operationalizing Cloud management in support of your Cloud strategy
  • The critical need for companies to couple a strong Cloud governance model and body of Cloud policies with Cloud management frameworks and associated tools.

Without a coupled management tool suite and strong governance model, the Wild Wild West will continue and like a town without a sheriff, things can rapidly spin out of control!

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