The IT Architecture of the Future is Already Here—Are You Adapting?

Posted on May 9, 2013

The challenges posed by the Next Generation IT Architecture are many.  However, the biggest challenge facing CIOs today is the fact that this architecture is already here.  It is not the future, but today’s current situation.  The future has already happened; you just did not know it. .  Achieving this this vision of the Next Generation IT Architecture can be dealt with in two ways:  

  1. You can let it happen to you, driven by your millennial employees or millennial customers.  (By the way, they are already using this architecture, both at work and on Sunday.)
  2. Or, you can aggressively embrace this IT architecture, and provide it to your customers and internal customers. 

— Excerpted from “The IT Platform of the Future” by Eric Marks, President and CEO of AgilePath

Clearly, #2 is the way to ensure that your enterprise IT will continue to grow and thrive for years to come. You know that embracing this new IT architecture on your own terms is essential to the enduring health of your enterprise. But but where do you start?

Begin by downloading the AgilePath whitepaper “The IT Platform of the Future.” In this whitepaper, we explore the genesis of change in today’s Information Technology industry and why this new IT architecture is so important.  We must understand the value proposition associated with these new computing and communications capabilities, and what the implications for both Commercial and Public Sector enterprises.

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Next, for a closer look at this new IT architecture and a chance to ask AgilePath CEO Eric Marks your questions, tune into our upcoming webinar “The Next Generation of IT Architecture” on May 16 at 12 p.m. EDT.  Use the link below to reserve your spot now.

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Adapting to this new IT architecture landscape is essential, and we hope that these resources can help guide you during this major transition. If you would like to speak with an AgilePath consultant about the unique concerns of your IT environment, call us at 978.462.5737 or email us at