The IT Platform of the Future White Paper

Posted on August 9, 2012

The IT Future that has Already Happend!

Available from Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook and other cool and fun technology companies!

The IT architecture of the future is here.

This certainly was not imagined by CIOs and CTOs and Chief Architects of major corporate enterprises. Quite the opposite. The IT architecture of the future has been imposed upon major enterprises by the forces of change and innovation beyond the control of the IT organizations of those enterprises.  The IT architecture of today is being driven from the outside-in, from customers and employees, from innovations in the Commercial technology world, and from forces of IT innovation and change.

 The drivers of the new IT architecture are varied and diverse, but powerful.

This newley released white paper will assist in understanding why this new IT architecture is so important and will explore the genesis of change in today’s Information Technology industry.

This whitepaper will cover the following:

*The Value Proposition

*Trends and Drivers of the New IT Architecture

* The Next Generation of IT Architecture

*The Major Components of the Next Generation Architecture

*The Enterprise Enablement Architecture

*The Next Generation Integration Services Architecture

*The Roadmap to the Next Generation IT Architecture

This whitepaper provides a vision of your imminent IT future.  However, what should be clear is that the future has already happened. This is really your current situation.  Your customers, employees and internal customers are already using this IT architecture at home, at work, or on the way home from work, in its entirety or in part, every day.  The fundamental question is as follows:  When will you adopt it as your corporate Enterprise IT Architecture that will enable your business to innovate and thrive in the next decade?

Remember, the value of the Next Generation IT Architecture is measured, from an end user’s perspective, in Five Minute increments, or the time it takes to download a new app from the Apple iStore, or the time it takes to provision a public Cloud service from Amazon.  Can you afford to wait another five minutes to act?

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