Achieving the Pre-Integrated Enterprise

Enterprise Architecture Design

This whitepaper will help you stop integrating and start deploying SOA.

Your IT environment is complex. It became that way after years of accumulating legacy assets, customizing commercial software, building homegrown software, and spending millions integrating it all to support the business. Adding to your headaches are factors including:

  • Organizational and people development issues
  • Ongoing training on new and emerging technologies
  • Providing career opportunities in the face of tightening IT budgets

This problem will not go away overnight. You cannot undo years of accumulated IT complexity that easily. However, you can begin to address the problem in a pragmatic fashion by taking three simple actions:

  1. Stop integrating now
  2. Implement Service-oriented architecture (SOA), Web services and Next Generation SOA now
  3. Implement SOA Governance to helpĀ  enforce re-use of Services and scale your SOA and IT integration efforts.

These three steps will lead you to the Pre-Integrated Enterprise. Get started now by downloading our whitepaper.