Excelling in the SOA Red Zone

Enterprise Architecture Design

Avoid the pitfalls of SOA with this ebook

SOA adoption can be challenging due to the complexity of SOA initiatives and the amount of organizational change that accompanies successful SOA adoption. In fact, our experience shows that when SOA adoption is slowing or failing, it occurs during specific steps in the SOA adoption lifecycle that are especially prone to failure. These high-risk SOA Adoption phases occur in what we call the SOA Red Zone™ In this whitepaper, we will explore:

  • The SOA Adoption Lifecycle in the idealized scenario.
  • The typical SOA adoption anti-patterns,
  • Actions that can be taken to not only avoid common SOA adoption pitfalls, but to help accelerate through the high-risk steps of the SOA Adoption Lifecycle Model, or what we call the SOA Red Zone.

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