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Along with Mobile, Social, and Big Data, Cloud computing is one of the major drivers of the future of IT. Cloud services are already being embraced by the globe’s most innovative corporations, and are only going to become more and more prevalent as the IT landscape transitions to Cloud computing services and frameworks.
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This growing prevalence of Cloud computing, and the criticality of Cloud governance, means important changes to the ways in which commercial and federal organizations specify, architect, acquire, implement, manage, consume, and ultimately retire their IT resources and capabilities.

AgilePath's Cloud Governance Lifecycle provides an end-to-end view of Cloud computing governance, and creates a forward-looking vision for Information Technology that will help it remain vital and relevant in a time when IT organizations are more and more separated from their business customers by global forces of outsourcing, managed services and public Clouds, while demand for customer service and performance is higher than ever. IT must adapt to these forces, and AgilePath’s Cloud governance templates and enterprise Cloud services offer a way to adapt effectively to this new landscape.


The AgilePath philosophy for a Cloud governance framework will help large enterprises make the best strategic and architectural choices with respect to Cloud and will provide a next generation IT resource management model that will usher in the future of IT.

AgilePath provides the following services in the area of Cloud computing, governance and management:

  • Designing, planning and implementing Cloud governance processes, policies, oversight, and enabling technology
  • Cloud management tools and operating processes integrated with Cloud governance  policies, processes and platforms
  • Planning of an acquisition/procurement strategy for Cloud computing capabilities
  • Vendor and tool evaluation, selection and implementation of Cloud management and provisioning technologies
  • Definition of the emerging role of CIOs in the age of Cloud Computing

Organizations that embrace enterprise Cloud computing and cloud services have an opportunity to take an active role in Cloud computing architecture, acquisition, Cloud governance and management. AgilePath's Cloud Governance Lifecycle offers a road map to an integrated model for managing, provisioning and governing Cloud IT resources. An integrated Cloud governance framework will set the stage for consistent strategy, architecture acquisition and resource provisioning that is well-supported by IT policies.

To learn more about how the application of AgilePath’s Cloud Governance Lifecycle can benefit your organization, contact us today.

cloud governance

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