Agile Path Practices

Company Overview

AgilePath is an innovative Information Technology (IT) professional services firm focused on enabling enterprise agility and operational excellence through the adoption of emerging technologies such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Cloud Computing and Mobile Technologies and more. AgilePath provides the business innovation, IT Strategy and the necessary governance frameworks, technology development, systems integration and implementation savvy to help organizations thrive at the intersection of Cloud Computing, Mobile Technology and Social Media, while pursuing business strategies focused on the shedding of physical assets, variabilization of fixed costs, running IT as a business, and transitioning into world class business service delivery organizations.

AgilePath is recognized for its innovative Enterprise Governance solutions, which bring insights, best practices and science to the art of Enterprise Governance. AgilePath's Enterprise Governance Playbook™ provides the framework for its many packaged domain governance solutions, such as IT Investment Planning, IT portfolio management, systems engineering governance, Enterprise Architecture, data governance, acquisition governance, technology on boarding, R&D and experimentation, and more.

AgilePath provides insightful vendor-independent solutions and technical services to accelerate business results through superior technology adoption.

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