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Enterprise Agile Delivery and Agile Governance Practice

Agile Development has seen steady growth in adoption by major enterprises seeking ways to improve time to market for new business capabilities, while also improving quality and cost management of IT projects. Enterprise Agile, or Agile at an Enterprise Scale, is being adopted by many large organizations as they move their IT delivery to Agile as the preferred delivery model. 

The tenets of Agile development in the pure sense are admirable and important, as defined in the Agile manifesto and other widely-cited Agile thought leadership. However, Agile methodologies have often underperformed in large enterprises at scale where Agile must interface with non-Agile teams as well as Enterprise IT Governance processes and oversight mechanisms that align corporate policies and compliance requirements. Examples of this include Enterprise Architecture (EA) governance, security and privacy policy compliance, regulatory compliance and risk management, and more. Even non-Agile methodologies, such as waterfall, are hampered in their performance by rigid, slow and complex IT governance processes.

agile delivery

This practice area supports two key aspects of Agile: Agile Governance and Agile Delivery. AgilePath has built upon the Agile manifesto and identified key best practices for Enterprise Agile Delivery while being the first to develop an Enterprise Agile Governance Framework.

Core best practices include:

  • Release and Portfolio Management are still required and are driven by the overall business vision and strategy.
  • Each Release and every sprint need a goal to focus the team on an outcome.
  • Sprint teams must fight the urge to do what is familiar and build all infrastructure and components before showing anything to the business customer.
  • Team output will exceed individual output if there is open and transparent communication in daily stand up meetings.
  • End to End Vision and Cross Team Coordination and Communication is critical to scaling Agile delivery across the Enterprise.

AgilePath’s Scaled Agile Practice brings the following solutions and innovations to the Agile development industry:

  • Scaled Agile Governance Framework:  This pioneering framework develops an Enterprise Agile Governance framework that solves one of the most difficult aspects of Agile and Scaled Agile – delivering via Agile and engaging with IT governance without slowing down delivery.  AgilePath’s renowned IT Governance capabilities have been applied to Enterprise Agile for the first time!
  • AgileQuad™ Story Modeling Framework:  AgilePath has extended its innovative AgileQuad modeling framework to Agile by applying it to User Story modeling and requirements capture and task decomposition.  AgileQuad will accelerate one of the more challenging aspects of Agile and Scaled Agile – getting user story granularity right and helping ensure all tasks for execution are identified!
  • Thee Speed IT Delivery (Scaled Agile, DevOps and Cloud computing):  AgilePath can help design an integrated enterprise IT delivery model that exploits the benefits of Scaled Agile, DevOps and Cloud computing with this compelling model.
  • Applied Agile to Specific Technologies: Cloud, Big Data, DevOps, Cloud application development, Mobile apps, Legacy Portfolio Modernization and more are requiring organizations to re-think how they develop applications as well as their Deployment approaches. Our Applied Agile methodology and support services can help your organization transition from old school Waterfall to rapid solution delivery that supports today’s newest technologies.

In addition to these innovations, AgilePath can help with the following services:

  • Agile Adoption Assessments and Health Checks
  • Enterprise Agile Adoption and Implementation
  • Agile Methodology Coaching and Mentoring
  • Scrum Master Coaching, Mentoring
  • Agile Training and Scaled Agile Training

While there are multiple “Scaled Agile” approaches that can be leveraged to facilitate adopting Agile beyond the team level, most of these approaches are missing a few key ingredients that enable Agile to be scaled to an enterprise-wide approach.


The intersection of Agile methodologies with Enterprise IT Governance will enable enterprise Agile development, including a Governance Backlog, Agile Pre-Governance, and the role of the Agile Governance Owner. These concepts help define an approach to Scaled Agile that can be governed within IT governance frameworks without slowing down Agile development.

AgilePath lives Agile in all of our delivery practices and services, and we have even applied Agile philosophies to our strategic consulting and related management consulting solutions. You can read more about our application of Agile methodologies in our Success Stories for firms such as Cummins, FedEx,….

Contact us to learn more about our Agile Delivery and Agile Governance Practice and the detailed services that we can deliver to your organization.

A Lean Governance Manifesto

Develop a model for an efficient, effective, scalable and friction-free enterprise governance framework, which we call Event-Driven Governance.

A Lean Governance

Develop a model for an efficient, effective, scalable and friction-free enterprise governance framework, which we call Event-Driven Governance.