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Enterprise Application Architecture
Enterprise architecture is integral to the overall health of the enterprise network environment. Therefore it is key to consult with an experienced enterprise architect who will establish an application architecture that will be flexible, efficient and agile.
Enterprise Application Architecture
As enterprises strive for improved agility, enterprise architects must be key players in this push for a more agile enterprise. One of the main ways today’s enterprise architects are achieving the necessary agility in application architecture is through the use of services. “Services” encompasses everything from building applications, enabling existing applications, and compartmentalizing applications for re-use, improving the overall flexibility, agility and efficiency of the enterprise environment.

The enterprise application architecture definition today now includes cloud, mobile, social media and shared services. When enterprise application architects talk about delivery models for cloud/shared services, we divide them into four general categories.

  • Traditional: This is the catchall term for non-cloud delivery options. Traditional options are usually applications that run on dedicated hardware.
  • Private Cloud: Applications in the private cloud run on infrastructure provisioned for exclusive use by an enterprise with multiple consumers.
  • Public Cloud: In this delivery model applications run on infrastructure provisioned for open use by the general public.
  • Hybrid: The applications are deployed on 2+ distinct cloud infrastructures that remain unique, but are linked with proprietary technology that allows for application mobility.

Enterprise application architecture is just one of the considerations that enterprise architects must consider. AgilePath’s engineers and consultants work with clients to develop enterprise architectures that represent the total capabilities, processes and core competencies necessary to execute a given business and operating model. 

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Enterprise Application Architecture

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