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Strategic enterprise architecture planning

Enterprise Architecture Solutions
AgilePath is a pioneer in enterprise architecture solutions that are engineered to advance the overall strategy of the organization without unnecessary bloat. We believe that enterprise architecture planning must begin and end with the larger business and IT strategies. Otherwise, the solution architecture runs a risk of becoming grossly inefficient and hindering IT operations more than it helps.

Enterprise Architecture Solutions
Our enterprise architecture program follows a strategic plan that with support IT and the business. When we begin an enterprise architecture planning project, we start with implementing a plan for good governance. The lifecycle of enterprise architecture governance is as follows:

  • Enterprise Strategic Governance (Strategic Planning and Investment Planning (IT and Business): Performance of the annual strategic business and IT planning process, including investment planning.
  • Enterprise Governance Process Management: Design, Implementation and Sustainment of  Enterprise Governance Frameworks, Processes and Policies.
  • Enterprise Exo-Project IT Governance: Enterprise Governance requirements that are not directly associated with execution of individual programs or projects, but provide supporting governance support to all projects in the aggregate.
  • Project Governance and Process Execution Governance: Execution of Programs, Projects and using a standard project delivery methodology or SDLC.
  • IT Operations and Sustainment: IT Service Management, IT and Business Operations, ITIL)

This foundation of good governance will help the enterprise architecture solution support the goals of the organization. We are dedicated to enterprise architecture services that drive the organization strategy to bigger and better things.

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Enterprise Architecture Solutions

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