Enterprise Cloud service for today’s IT departments

Improve agility and cut costs with enterprise Cloud services

Enterprise cloud service
Enterprise Cloud services have emerged as an essential component of today’s IT strategies. Enterprise Cloud service provides on-demand deployment and management of enterprise applications and services throughout a portfolio of private, public and hybrid Clouds. Shifting IT departments to enterprise Cloud architecture can improve agility while keeping costs down.
Enterprise cloud service

There are many reasons to consider implementing enterprise Cloud services, or expanding your enterprise’s current use of Cloud services:

  • Enterprise Cloud Service Management Enterprise Cloud services enrich every aspect of the enterprise IT environment, from application management to governance to security. Deploying enterprise Cloud service architecture will require a migration process, but enterprises will discover that the benefits quickly outweigh the brief transition.  An enterprise Cloud services specialist like AgilePath will make the Cloud migration process as streamlined as possible, with the least possible disruption to business processes and no effect on client service quality.
  • Enterprise Cloud Service Based Management of Applications Enterprise Cloud service application management automates the deployment and management applications across private, public and hybrid clouds. 
  • Flexible Options for Security and Governance The Cloud offers a host of flexible options for enterprise IT governance, compliance and security across the full lifecycle of applications and environments. The flexibility allows for improved scalability, agility and portability.

With IT departments focused on cost management, business services management, and asset-reduction strategies to increase overall business agility, enterprise Cloud architecture is integral to the framework of today’s IT department. Physical infrastructure is a drag on IT agility, portability and flexibility, weighing down the entire enterprise. Enterprise Cloud services offer a way to move assets to the Cloud and improve agility while simultaneously controlling costs.

Cloud computing offers a range of strategic business and IT objectives, including:

  • Big data and Cloud analytics
  • Mobile Cloud
  • Mobile/Cloud fusion
  • Data center consolidation,
  • Server consolidation
  • Business agility through asset-reduction strategies
  • Cloud service brokerage
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the Cloud

AgilePath's Cloud computing consulting services will accelerate your Cloud journey. Our enterprise cloud services focus on the full lifecycle of IT Cloud computing: from the planning and strategy phase to Cloud architecture, modeling and design, through to implementation and support. We deliver:

  • Cloud strategy and assessment
  • Enterprise Cloud architecture and vendor selection
  • Implementation/management
  • Cloud governance

Key elements of our Cloud practice include our newest Playbook solution -- AgilePath's Cloud Computing Playbook™, as well as our Cloud Computing Reference Model (CC-RM) and reference architecture framework.

Enterprise cloud service

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