Enterprise IT Architecture Governance, Planning and Implementation

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Enterprise IT Architecture

As new technologies such as Cloud, Mobile and Social begin to gain popularity, the importance of enterprise IT architecture only continues to expand.

Enterprise IT architects are responsible for defining the duties of the organization, determining who will perform individual functions within the organization and how these organizational functions will be performed; and deciding how enterprise data architecture information will be used and stored.

Enterprise IT Architecture
Continual development and periodic maintenance of the enterprise architecture is essential is the enterprise IT architecture is going to be successful. Building this new enterprise information architecture will take considerable time and investment, so thorough and proper planning is essential, including phasing the project in slowly, before implementation. If the enterprise architecture is not kept up to date, the costs and upkeep of the enterprise network architecture can begin to outweigh the benefits.

For many organizations, enterprise IT architecture is a key part of the information technology governance process. Enterprise IT architects work within the organization’s enterprise architecture process as part of their IT management strategy. Although enterprise architecture is tied closely to IT, it is also part of the broader business and is responsible for business architecture, performance management and process architecture.


The primary goal of AgilePath’s approach to enterprise architecture is to help organizations successfully define and implement an enterprise architecture that contributes to the overall efficiency, cost effectiveness and profitability of the enterprise as a whole.

Enterprise Architecture governance involves the oversight and conformance to the EA standards and policies of the organization, as well as input into key EA decisions. AgilePath helps organizations plan for the implementation of robust enterprise architecture processes, enterprise architecture governance, and appropriate change management and implementation support to ensure that EA Governance is instilled in the culture and behavioral model of its clients' enterprises.

Enterprise architecture is intended to direct IT processes in a way that support and augment the overarching objectives of the organization and provide opportunities for innovation within the enterprise strategy. IT goals are then aimed at either attaining business objectives or granting the ability to pursues something new.
Prospective strategic IT goals include:

  • Implementing a new business process management methodology
  • Automating and optimizing primary business processes
  • Supporting new products
  • Adapting IT systems to meet new market requirements
  • Estimating required investments in technology modernization
  • Calculating potential financial and efficiency returns from the strategic IT plan.

To aid the formulation of a strategic plan, IT managers find it helpful to adopt an enterprise architecture framework to define, organize and structure technology and application and staffing requirements in support of a company’s strategic goals.
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Enterprise IT Architecture

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