Enterprise IT Governance

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Enterprise IT Governance
AgilePath's Enterprise IT Governance Practice is based on multiple frameworks, methodologies and reference models.

Enterprise IT governance is a persistent challenge for both the commercial and public sectors. The virtues of enterprise architecture governance are established and documented, especially in the areas of Corporate Governance and IT Governance. Lean, effective enterprise IT governance capability correlates with greater shareholder value and is proven to directly
enable business and IT strategic execution and business

Enterprise IT Governance
Enterprise IT governance, when
implemented correctly, creates value for the enterprise. Event-Driven Governance emphasizes the performance-based value of enterprise
 IT governance over the compliance-centric policing functions typically associated with governance.

Thanks in part to its poor image, enterprise IT architecture is a unique challenge. The term “governance” typically evokes a negative reaction—most people associate it with overbearing policing and productivity-killing red tape.


Enterprise IT governance is often perceived as a control mechanism, rather than an enabler of IT and business performance. Governance requirements in many cases are reduced to implementation of an oversight committee that convenes monthly to focus on a particular governance challenge. The message that this sends to the business is that governance means adding a new oversight committee and layers of management and overhead. Often, these governance boards become institutionalized and tend to outlast their value to the organization.

In general, governance models provide an enterprise framework to guide decision making processes, allocate investments and resources, and achieve decision transparency for shareholders and enterprise stakeholders. Governance remains an elusive target due to absence and immaturity of scientific approaches to governance, which is further complicated by a lack of a universal framework and taxonomy of enterprise governance. While many governance programs are triggered by compliance and risk challenges, poor IT performance or other corporate needs, the fact is that all governance requirements share common characteristics and attributes.

AgilePath is a pioneer in enterprise IT architecture, bringing innovation, scientific approaches, and proven methodologies to the Enterprise Governance area. AgilePath's research and best practices come from years of analysis, design and implementation of various Enterprise Governance domains, from IT Corporate Governance and Enterprise Strategy, to Investment Planning and Portfolio Management, SOA Governance and Data Governance, and SDLC Governance and ITIL integration.

Enterprise IT Governance

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