Enterprise SOA Architecture and Governance

Enterprise service-oriented architecture and (SOA) service oriented architecture

Enterprise SOA Architecture
Enterprise SOA Governance
AgilePath Corporation is the market leader in the analysis, design, implementation and change management required to implement enterprise-scale SOA governance model to enable the business goals of your SOA initiatives. AgilePath provides a templated approach to designing enterprise SOA governance that integrates into your existing enterprise IT governance processes, as well as into your corporate culture and IT strategy. AgilePath’s approach is delivered through AgilePath's Enterprise Governance Playbook™ and supporting enterprise governance frameworks, reference models and diagnostic tools.
Enterprise SOA Architecture
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance is an essential aspect of an effective SOA initiative. Poor enterprise SOA governance can lead to catastrophe, while quality SOA governance can position your organization for powerfully positive business and IT outcomes. Technology, business processes, and external business relationships all require and depend on effective enterprise SOA governance to successfully execute and manage enterprise SOA programs across the organization and beyond. Taking a holistic approach to enterprise SOA governance is the only way to ensure proper context, linkages and alignment of enterprise governance processes with SOA-specific governance processes.

SOA is a maturing discipline, and is evolving with the advent of API management. It is critical to embrace these next generation SOA governance philosophies in order for enterprise SOA architecture and governance to be effective and support the transition to mobile, social media, Cloud and Big Data. Current governance challenges include lack of a collective approach to policies, no concept of integrated policy enforcement, and an overall poor understanding of how SOA governance relates to other enterprise governance disciplines and processes.

AgilePath’s SOA Philosophy

AgilePath will help you design an end-to-end SOA governance model, from the SOA PMO/CoE, to services modeling, business engagement models and enterprise architecture/design-time governance requirements, to a service portfolio, SOA registry/repository, complete services lifecycle, as well as the QA/testing tools and the run-time SOA infrastructure needed to close the loop with run-time governance.

Benefits of AgilePath's enterprise SOA governance solutions:

  • Leverages template SOA governance processes, policies, organizational designs and tools to quickly close SOA governance gaps in your enterprise
  • Establishes the linkages and integration of enterprise SOA governance into your enterprise IT governance model, particularly at the enterprise architecture, Program Management Office (PMO), portfolio management, and SDLC/service lifecycle levels.
  • Provides a framework that scales for SMB to large enterprises, and that can effectively provide SOA governance in complex organizations.
  • AgilePath's Enterprise Governance Playbook™, which provides repeatable, template artifacts, diagnostics and templates to accelerate your SOA governance needs.

SOA Governance Process Outsourcing/Managed Services

AgilePath also offers a complete SOA governance process outsourcing and managed services approach. We will assess, design, implement and operate your SOA governance model to accelerate your SOA efforts, while helping to efficiently close the operational gap of SOA governance.
AgilePath has template SOA governance process frameworks to expedite this process, and will help stabilize your SOA governance process until your organization is mature enough and ready to undertake responsibility for SOA governance. Our team brings exceptional levels of experience and expertise to the SOA governance implementations we perform.  You can rest assured with the knowledge that we are pioneers in SOA and have been implementing these processes since they were first used in the IT sphere.

Benefits of AgilePath's SOA governance process outsourcing/managed services solution include:

  • Reduce risk of SOA governance by leveraging AgilePath's resources and proven governance frameworks to rapidly implement SOA governance without hiring specialized personnel or buying SOA governance software and tools.
  • Rapidly implement SOA governance configured to your enterprise by leveraging industry best practices, proven methodologies and frameworks
  • Reduced cost of governance via subscription pricing to a full-featured SOA governance capability, from SOA modeling to an end-to-end services lifecycle, to a hosted service registry/repository.
  • Rapid time to SOA business value via accelerated ability to govern SOA, and realize the benefits of shared, reusable enterprise services.
Enterprise SOA Architecture

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