Agile Path

Federal Practice

AgilePath's Federal Practice extends our thought leadership, Playbook™ methodologies and our core consulting practices into National Security, Department of Defense and Federal Civilian agencies bringing the same level of insight, performance and results as our Commercial clients are accustomed to.

In addition to our core consulting practices and end-to-end Strategy-to-Sustainment capabilities, AgilePath provides the following domain knowledge and capabilities to the Federal Government:

  • Cloud First IT and Mission Strategies: Cloud First Alignment, Strategy Development, Architecture, Acquisition, Governance and Implementation and Support to enable the mission while achieving IT efficiencies
  • Acquisition and Acquisition Governance: Acquisition Strategies, Acquisition Support, Technology Insertion, Acquisition for Emerging Technologies, e.g. SOA, Cloud computing, Acquisition Governance, Acquisition Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise IT Governance: IT Governance, Acquisition Governance, Portfolio Management, SOA Governance, Data Governance, and Program Governance, Enterprise Architecture Governance, and Next Generation IT Governance Models
  • Command and Control (C2): Experience with major C2 platforms and architectures and SOA-enablement across the DoD
  • Big Data and Cloud Analytics
  • Combat Support / Business Systems Support
  • Data Architecture and Governance
  • Experimentation and Risk Reduction
  • Systems Engineering and Technology Development
  • Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture
  • Agile Methodologies for DoD and National Security Programs


Distinctions of Our Federal Practice

AgilePath is recognized for its best-in-class Enterprise Governance solutions, including its Enterprise Governance Playbook™ and several packaged governance solutions focused on IT portfolio management, systems engineering processes, enterprise architecture, acquisition governance, technology on boarding and experimentation, and more. AgilePath seeks to solve the many challenges that present at the intersection of emerging technologies, corporate culture, enterprise architecture and systems engineering processes. AgilePath also provides innovative DoD acquisition lifecycle solutions and a range of CIO, CTO, PEO and Program Management support services.

Risk Averse, Leading Edge, Technically Ready Solutions

AgilePath is committed to client success. Our team of talented consultants works tirelessly to ensure the delivery of unparalleled mission results for your organization through the realization of core principles that serve as the foundation for each client partnership we establish:

Business and Mission Results

AgilePath is committed to driving measurable mission results through the adoption of SOA. We recognize that Federal Government SOA initiatives are not just another project, but rather are complex organizational transformation opportunities. AgilePath is committed to partnering with your organization to align the competencies necessary for organizational transformation and drive measurable business and mission results.

Innovation and Thought Leadership

AgilePath is committed to our founding organizational principles of innovation and thought leadership. AgilePath's SOA Playbook TM is the industry-leading end-to-end SOA adoption methodology, and serves as the model through which we innovate on behalf of our clients to drive compelling business and mission results.

End-to-End Competency Expertise: Strategy and Governance to Architecture and Systems Engineering

AgilePath is committed to addressing and providing expert guidance in all competency areas necessary for SOA Adoption – Strategy and Planning, Enterprise Governance, Funding and Budgeting, Enterprise Architecture, SOA Enablement Technology, and SOA Solution and Technical Implementation.

We use these proven competencies to apply innovative engineering capabilities enabling us to solve problems of strategic and mission importance related to several inter-related problem domains:


Vendor neutrality

AgilePath is committed to maintaining a vendor-neutral SOA adoption approach, AgilePath's SOA Playbook™, to ensure a flexible and scalable SOA implementation across all SOA competencies. We treat COTS and Open Source software equally, and will work with each client to identify the right SOA enablement technology solutions by factoring in existing investments and known technical requirements.

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