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AgilePath's Fusion Practice

AgilePath's newest practice is our Fusion Practice. AgilePath's Fusion Practice focuses on the intersection of cutting edge of technologies and business innovation, and seeks to understand how emerging technologies will impact business and IT strategy. With rapid changes in fields including Cloud computing, social media and mobile technologies, AgilePath’s Fusion Practice seeks to find meaning in the convergence of these emerging technologies, and how intersecting innovations can enable businesses to connect with customers, engage with new markets, create new products and services, and spur industry innovation.

While this practice is called AgilePath's Fusion Practice, it also seeks to exploit discontinuities created by these emerging technologies. AgilePath's Fusion Practice will help establish new business models and innovations that allow new ideas and concepts to be operationalized into new revenue streams and completely new industries.

There are two dimensions to AgilePath's Fusion Practice:

  • Enterprise Fusion: How large enterprises will adopt new technologies to drive their core mission, business model and supporting enterprise strategies.
  • Technology Fusion: How large enterprises will integrate emerging technologies into their IT strategies, enterprise architectures, and operational capabilities, while governing those decisions effectively.

AgilePath's Fusion Practice seeks to understand the big questions at the leading edge of innovation, and then help our clients craft actionable strategies and supporting tactics to embrace these challenges.

AgilePath's Fusion Practice is represented by the illustration below, which provides the industry context for today’s technologies and requirements:

Governance Policy

Fusion Practice

AgilePath's Enterprise Fusion Model is constantly evolving:

  • How to leverage emerging technologies to transform business strategy, customer-facing business models, and product and service strategies.
  • How emerging technologies enable innovative new organizational designs, and optimal structural-organizational models to support emerging business and operating models.
  • How the convergence of social media, Cloud computing and mobile technologies will enable new markets, products, services and solutions.
  • Evaluate the risks of moving or not moving.
  • Develop First Mover Advantage with emerging technologies, and understanding the risks and benefits of being a First Mover.
  • Developing formal strategies, goals, objectives and tactics to exploit emerging technologies.


AgilePath's Technology Fusion: Transforming IT Strategy

Anticipate and exploit the convergence of Cloud computing, mobile technology, and social media:

  • Mobile Cloud computing
  • Internal collaboration and social media capabilities
  • Internal app stores

Address the adoption of emerging technologies in the corporate enterprise market:

  • How can my business deal with and succeed with mobile computing?
  • What does social media means to my business?
  • How will mobile Cloud impact my business model?
  • What should we do with Cloud computing? How bold should we be?
  • How should IT govern the insertion of emerging technology?


AgilePath's Fusion Playbook™ Methodology

  • Agile Path's Fusion Playbook™ methodology helps our clients embrace and exploit the pace of change to create competitive advantage
  • Technology POC/proof of concepts
  • Vendor /solution evaluation

Strategic Convergence

Next Generation IT Architecture

The drivers of the new IT architecture are varied and diverse. Explore the genesis of change in today’s Information Technology industry.

Next Generation
IT Architecture

The drivers of the new IT architecture are varied and diverse. Explore the genesis of change in today’s Information Technology industry.