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Agile Methodology, Agile Development and Agile Governance

AgilePath is a leader in Agile development approaches and best practices. We live Agile in all of our consulting practices and services, and we have even applied Agile philosophies to our strategic consulting and related management consulting solutions, as well as for our software development and systems engineering support services. AgilePath provides Agile development services to our clients in three broad areas of concentration: Agile methodologies, Agile development and software engineering services, and Agile Governance.

Agile Methodology

AgilePath can help you determine how best to leverage Agile development methodologies and adapt them to your enterprise software development lifecycle (SDLC) and internal QA/Test, configuration management and release processes. AgilePath will help you understand the various flavors of Agile development methodologies – Agile overall, SCRUM and XP – and determine an approach that works for your enterprise.

Our team of Agile development experts will help select the appropriate Agile development approach for your enterprise, implement the processes, artifacts and overall capabilities, and mentor your team through the process in an applied and hands-on fashion.

Agile Development and Software Engineering Services: AgilePath provides software development resources to our clients to help accelerate specific projects, portions of projects, or high-risk or off-the-track projects that need special attention. AgilePath works flexibly to support our clients in a few distinct ways:

  • Software development outsourcing – AgilePath can deliver an entire program or project for you
  • Staff augmentation and incremental staffing support – AgilePath can augment your software development team with additional resources or specific skills
  • Project coaching, mentoring and support – AgilePath can provide coaching and mentoring expertise help a specific project through a rough patch, or to help overcome team building challenges

The New Agile – Cloud, SOA and Mobile Development: AgilePath can also help you apply Agile methods to new technology requirements, such as Cloud computing, SOA and Mobile technology development.

AgileCloud™ and DevOps: AgilePath believes that Agile methodologies can help acceleate solution development and delivery while exploiting the significant benefits of Cloud computing. Application design for Cloud is a new paradigm, and AgilePath believes that its AgileCloud™ approach, along with the budding DevOps trend, will greatly improve time to market for business solutions through Agile development and Cloud computing convergence.

Agile SOA: AgilePath has been on the forefront of applying Agile methodologies to SOA programs, both from a technical delivery approach, as well as for front-end strategy, architecture and governance requirements of SOA. AgilePath believes that Agile approaches apply to any consulting or technical delivery approach where short duration, well-defined engagements can leverage Agile tenets and lead to rapid delivery of results for our clients.

Agile Mobile Technology: With the rapid emergence of Mobile technology, app stores and mobile-Cloud convergence, Agile development approaches are also critical to exploiting new technologies as well. While new development tools and environments may be needed, the development disciplines of Agile are even more critical in these emerging areas, where rapid iterations and cycles of learning can be achieved while delivering rapid value for our clients.

Mobile Technology Services
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile Architecture
  • Mobile Application Development
  • App Store Development
  • Mobile Governance

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