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AgilePath's SOA Acceleration Education Solutions

AgilePath's SOA Playbook™ Acceleration Education modules are pre-packaged one-day executive education sessions that focus on critical SOA challenges such as SOA strategy and planning, SOA governance, architecture and SOA enablement technology, SOA funding and budgeting, and SOA solution and technical implementation.  AgilePath's SOA Executive Education modules are meant to enhance executive understanding of SOA and facilitate the alignment of SOA efforts to business, mission and IT strategic goals.

AgilePath's SOA Acceleration Executive Education modules focus on a blend of enterprise and management topics as well as enterprise architecture, modeling and technical implementation topics.  In addition, AgilePath's SOA Acceleration Webinar Series provides ongoing access to our cutting edge perspectives on the critical competencies required for SOA success.  For more information on AgilePath's upcoming Webinars, click here.

Below are the management topics, which focus on SOA Strategy & Planning, Enterprise SOA Governance, and SOA Funding.

Agile Path Acceleration Eductaion

Budgeting & Acquisition:

Depicted below are the SOA technical topics that focus on SOA modeling, SOA Enterprise Architecture and Enablement Technology, and SOA Solution Implementation:

Agile Path Acceleration Eductaion


AgilePath's SOA Playbook™ Acceleration Workshop Solutions

AgilePath's SOA Playbook™ Acceleration Workshops are customized 3-day sessions focused on critical SOA challenges and requirements. AgilePath works with clients to customize the workshops to their business, mission and IT challenges. During workshop execution, AgilePath professionals provide a highly relevant and customer-focused experience based on the goals for each respective Acceleration Workshop solution.

AgilePath SOA Playbooks Acceleration Workshops

AgilePath SOA Playbooks™ Acceleration Workshops

AgilePath's SOA Playbook™ Acceleration Workshops can be mixed and matched with SOA Playbook™ Acceleration Training and SOA Playbook Extreme Planning and Execution (XPE) Sprints to deliver a low-risk, high value and cost-aligned solution to your SOA requirements.

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