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With the explosion of mobile technology and Cloud-mobile computing, AgilePath provides the technology strategy, mobile architecture, development and advisory services to help our clients thrive using these new technologies. The following services highlight AgliePath’s thought leadership and technology capabilities in these exciting areas.

Mobile Strategy and Roadmap:

AgilePath will help you develop a robust enterprise strategy to guide the adoption of mobile technology and the realization of new business models, channels, customer opportunities and engagement models based on mobile technology. First and foremost, you must understand what mobile technology means to your enterprise, and that is what the strategy and roadmap services will help clarify for you.

Mobile Technology Architecture:

More than ever, the rapid rise of mobile computing and tablet computing is forcing enterprises to rethink application development, Enterprise Architecture, IT governance and security in order to accommodate mobile technology and tablet computing. First and foremost, Enterprise Architecture must embrace the extension of EA to include mobile technology: not as a bolt-on, but as an integral part of Enterprise Architecture, application development, and IT governance. AgilePath experts will help your organization develop a mobile technology architecture that is aligned and integrated with your Enterprise Architecture, and help your enterprise exploit mobile technology while governing the architecture, standards and security requirements of mobile technology.

Mobile Application Development:

Mobile application development is exploding, especially in the area of exposing legacy application services so that they can be accessed on mobile devices. Another key element of a mobile strategy is the development of mobile apps that create customer loyalty and ease of access into your enterprise. AgilePath experts will assess your current software development skills and capabilities and your software development processes and SDLC, and then help you transition to a mobile technology development approach tailored to your enterprise.

With the rapid emergence of mobile technology, app stores and mobile-Cloud convergence, Agile development approaches are also critical to exploiting new technologies as well. While new development tools and environments may be needed, the development disciplines of Agile are even more critical in these emerging areas, where rapid iterations and cycles of learning can be achieved while delivering rapid value for our clients.

Mobile Governance:

Many organizations are grappling with the addition of mobile technology into their Enterprise Architecture, software development, enterprise security and overall IT governance processes and capabilities. AgilePath draws on industry-recognized IT governance expertise to help your organization develop a pragmatic approach for the adoption and integration of mobile technologies into your enterprise while mitigating risks and enabling business and IT value.

AgilePath feels that you can take advantage of the growing benefits and demand for mobile applications, while avoiding the risk associated with exposing mission critical applications and data via mobile technology and architecture. AgilePath will leverage our Enterprise Governance Playbook™ to assess your IT governance capabilities in the context of mobile technology, and help you establish the process and policy extensions for mobile without adding overhead or friction to your organization.

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