Agile Path Practices

Social Media Strategies, Technologies & Applications

AgilePath's Enterprise Fusion Model is constantly evolving:
  • How to leverage emerging technologies to transform business strategy, customer-facing business models, and product and service strategies.
  • How emerging technologies enable innovative new organizational designs, and optimal structural-organizational models to support emerging business and operating models.
  • How the convergence of social media, Cloud computing and mobile technologies will enable new markets, products, services and solutions.
  • Evaluate the risks of moving or not moving.
  • Develop First Mover Advantage with emerging technologies, and understanding the risks and benefits of being a First Mover.
  • Developing a formal social media strategy, goals, objectives and tactics to exploit emerging technologies.

AgilePath's Technology Fusion: Transforming IT Strategy

Anticipate and exploit the convergence of Cloud computing, mobile technology, and social media:

  • Mobile Cloud computing
  • Internal collaboration and social media capabilities
  • Internal app stores

Address the adoption of emerging technologies in the corporate enterprise market:

  • How can my business deal with and succeed with mobile computing?
  • What does social media means to my business?
  • How will mobile Cloud impact my business model?
  • What should we do with Cloud computing? How bold should we be?
  • How should IT govern the insertion of emerging technology?

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