Agile Path Practices

Strategy Planning and Strategy Development

AgilePath's strategy and planning services deliver rapid, operationalized (tangible, measurable) and executable business, IT and SOA strategies that are business and mission aligned and core competency enabled. AgilePath's strategy planning services include the following:

  • IT Strategy, Organizational Design, IT Delivery Optimization Services: AgilePath works with clients to develop and refine their IT strategies, organize their IT organization for optimal performance, and implement optimized IT delivery to provide clear business value.
  • SOA Strategy, Roadmap Development and SOA Delivery Services: AgilePath's SOA Playbook™ represents an end-to-end SOA methodology that begins with a SOA strategy and ends with iterative delivery of SOA solutions.
  • CIO, CTO and Chief Architect Advisory Services: AgilePath works as a trusted advisor to Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Architects to establish strategic direction, critical capabilities, and drive key initiatives. AgilePath works as an extension of these key IT leaders to support execution of strategy and objectives in alignment with business, mission and IT goals.
  • Program Management Office (PMO), Program Management and Project Execution Services: AgilePath works with clients to improve on time delivery of programs, projects and enterprise initiatives by implementing PMO, program management and project execution services.
  • Mentoring, Change Management and Advisory Services: AgilePath provides flexible support for clients through a variety of mentoring, change management and advisory service offerings that will meet all client requirements. Whether you require CxO advisory support, architecture coaching and mentoring, or change management support on an ad hoc basis, AgilePath can craft a customized support model for your needs.

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