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SOA Architecture Consulting
AgilePath’ SOA Architecture consultants leverage our SOA Playbooks™, SOA Governance Playbook, our SOA Reference Model and Reference Architecture templates, and our AgileQuad Modeling Framework, to accelerate their SOA and integration efforts. AgilePath’ s SOA Playbook™ provides a proven roadmap for successful planning and deployment of SOA architecture within an organization.

SOA Architecture Consulting
AgilePath’s AgileQuad™ Modeling framework is a modeling approach that quickly helps identify candidate SOA services by decomposing business domains, legacy applications, or modeling new business requirements using four key architecture patterns, as listed below:
  • Process-centric SOA pattern: This process-centric SOA architecture approaches SOA from a perspective that emphasizes enterprise business process challenges, business process improvement, and business process reengineering. A process-centric SOA leverages a top-down approach, often with business sponsorship and explicit business engagement.
  • Data-centric SOA pattern: A data-centric SOA approaches SOA from a core entity and enterprise data modeling perspective. Often, this is an orthogonal approach into SOA modeling because it does not necessarily map into a top-down or a bottom-up model, since data is orthogonal to them both.
  • Application/Legacy-centric SOA pattern: This approach to SOA emphasizes the enablement and transformation of legacy applications into services using integration solutions and adapters to “tap into” various types of applications to expose business logic and data.
  • Consumer-centric SOA pattern: The consumer-centric SOA approach is focused on various application frameworks that consume the services of an SOA to create service-enabled applications for the business consumers or stakeholders of an SOA initiative. The consumer-centric SOA solves business problems using service-enabled applications and supporting tools and technologies.

AgileQuad provides a rapid modeling approach that can identify your candidate services in one or two days, and immediately begin development. AgileQuad supports an agile SOA approach, which leads to rapid time to market and reduced engineering costs associated with application development.

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SOA Architecture Consulting

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