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SOA governance
SOA governance encompasses the organization, processes, policies, tools and metrics required to manage a service-oriented architecture effectively. A successful SOA is one that achieves defined business goals over time. In addition, this model institutes the behavioral rules and guidelines of the organization and participants in the SOA, from architects and developers to service consumers, service providers, and even applications and the services themselves.
SOA governance
AgilePath's Enterprise SOA Playbook™
AgilePath's SOA roadmap is our Playbook™ family of end-to-end methodologies from strategy development to SOA tools, SOA implementation, SOA security, and legacy modernization via use of SOA.

The AgilePath’s SOA Playbook™ and Enteprise Governance Playbook™ are the leading vendor-neutral end-to-end methodologies for SOA management, planning, implementation and governance. Developed to meet the evolving needs of service-oriented architecture governance, AgilePath's SOA Playbook™ has delivered client success based on its rich combination of artifacts and templates that provide a documented, step-by-step "playbook" for your SOA roadmap and strategy, tools and policy enforcement, SOA security, architecture planning and SOA enablement tool selection, and ultimately SOA and services implementation.


AgilePath’s Event Driven Governance solutions, services and process templates can assist your enterprise in transitioning to this model. This leaner event-driven architecture is based on a simple premise that a governance model, with its associated principles and policies, processes and policy enforcement mechanisms, should be a virtual framework that is triggered by governance events associated with business or IT processes. Instead of having a governance board that dutifully meets every month –whether it is needed or not—event-driven governance is only active when it is needed.

AgilePath’s end-to-end SOA planning, architecture, implementation and governance framework entails four broad activities:

  • SOA Business Discovery: SOA assessment, maturity, business drivers and goal identification, as well as a comprehensive SOA assessment framework that represents all the major requirements of enterprise SOA.
  • SOA Roadmap and Strategy Development: Development of a complete SOA roadmap and strategy, which includes an opportunity roadmap, services roadmap, technology roadmap and governance roadmap, along with an SOA business case.
  • SOA Mobilization and Awareness: Analysis of alternatives, SOA education and training, and SOA ramp activities in preparation for an enterprise rollout of SOA initiatives across the organization.
  • SOA Implementation: Iterative approach to implementing SOA based on the SOA strategy, business and IT imperatives, and prioritized SOA objectives.
  • AgilePath’s Enterprise Governance Playbook™

Why SOA Governance?
SOA governance establishes and enforces the policies that necessary to managing your SOA program for positive business outcomes This is essential for realizing the many benefits of shared, reusable business services. SOA governance involves defining the organizational requirements, the governance processes and procedures, and the needed SOA policies required to manage services and the SOA infrastructure at every stage of the SOA lifecycle.  

This methodology:

  • Provides overall SOA oversight and management; puts a compass on your SOA program
  • Defines architectural standards, developer guidelines, and specific policies that are enforceable across the services lifecycle.
  • Clarifies services ownership and stewardship across the organization, including budgeting processes, maintenance responsibilities, infrastructure management, and so forth.
  • Defines services development and lifecycle management issues (e.g., service design, development/enablement, publishing to a services registry, discovery, invocation/run-time, management, maintenance, quality assurance, versioning and reuse)
  • Integrates SOA with related IT governance processes, such as Enterprise Architecture governance, portfolio management, SDLC governance, PMO governance.

SOA governance is a master thread running through the organization, processes, and roles in an SOA. It holds everything together and guides the activities of an SOA toward achieving its stated business and technical goals.

SOA governance

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