What is SOA?

Let’s find out: what is Service Oriented Architecture and how can you make it work for your organization?

What is SOA

As you explore your options for IT architecture, you may be wondering: What exactly is SOA and where does it fit into my organization? First, we need to define SOA: this term stands for Service Oriented Architecture. It is an IT term referring to software architecture design pattern based on structured collections of distinct software modules, in this case known as services. Together, the services deliver the functionality of a large software application. The goal of SOA is to allow easy cooperation between large numbers of computers on the same network. Every computer can run programs (services) that are built in a way that they can exchange information with any other service within the reach of the network without human interaction and without the need to make changes to the underlying program itself.

What is SOA

In a large network of computers SOA has the same role and responsibility as the OS on a single computer. Consequently SOA is designed in analogy to traditional multi-tasking operating systems like Windows, Unix, zOS etc.

Because implementing SOA has an immense impact on IT and the entire organization, experts advise establishing a governance and best practices effort to help ensure a successful migration. For many, part of that effort will include creating an SOA center of excellence to gather information about service oriented architecture implementations and to promote best practices holistically throughout the organization.


AgilePath’s SOA Governance Process Outsourcing/Managed Services
We offer a complete SOA governance process outsourcing/managed solution approach. AgilePath will assess, design, implement and operate your SOA governance model to accelerate your SOA efforts, while helping quickly close the operational gap of SOA governance.
AgilePath has template SOA governance process frameworks to facilitate this process, and will help stabilize your SOA governance process until your organization is mature enough and ready to assume the responsibility for SOA governance.
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What is SOA

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