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Human Capital is the most important asset of any organization. Effective, skilled and dedicated teams that know how to deliver value make the difference between success and failure.

Collaborate with our AgilePath® IT Staff Augmentation teams to overcome obstacles posed by lack of technological expertise, resource scarcity, and gaps without compromising project objectives.

Here is how we can help you in resolving issues related to team building.

AgilePath® IT Staff Augmentation teams take responsibility for hiring temporary resources, contractual resources, contract to PERM, and PERM hiring. We offer our services under three different models which are –

Recruitment process outsourcing – Dedicated recruiter, or team of recruiters, work a client-centric process and become an extension of your team. As an extended team we not only work on your instructions but even preempt the requirements and build a database that serves as a talent-pool for speedy hiring and saving valuable recruiting time and cost.

Staffing IT Projects – Model offered for completion of specific project from scratch or to speed-up the development process of any on-going project. You can build an entirely new team or fill the gaps in existing teams. You can also get niche resources on latest or legacy technologies. This model offers flexibility of ramping-up and down team size on a as needed basis.

Staffing IT – If you need a robust team or you need niche resources frequently this model offers you complete liberty and frees you from worries and hassles of closing vacant positions. You can focus your time and energy to other important tasks and still have the best resources. We take care of entire recruitment cycle, from sourcing to interviews, background checks and remuneration up to on-boarding. You get a search engine that lets you surf through the database and choose from list of available resources.

Time and saving benefits with AgilePath® IT Staff Augmentation services.

– Fast mobilization of resources, whether hiring in bulk or hiring niche resources, you save valuable hours.
– Flexibility of ramping up or down the team on as needed basis that prevents delays due to resource scarcity or resource gaps in the team.
– Less time spent on training resources that are a perfect-match for requirements.

– You save on payroll tax, insurance, healthcare and other benefits and save on HR team and administrative costs.
– You get resources with perfectly matching skills, experience and expertise so you save money on training them.
– You save on sourcing, interviewing, background checks, and on-boarding cost.

We work with our clients and are committed to their success.

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