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AgilePath Corporation Launches AgilePath Cyber Practice

SOUTH BERWICK, ME—April 11, 2022 – AgilePath Corporation, a digital solutions firm, today announced:

AgilePath® Cyber Practice solutions offer clients a single source to develop customized, rapid, and low code applications for database, enterprise, and mobile devices. In a world of automated scans, pre-packaged deliverables, and generic solutions, AgilePath is different.  We invest the time to understand your unique business needs and security challenges so that we can deliver customized solutions that address your toughest challenges. We save clients’ valuable time and money through our nimble business model which enables us to accomplish in days what our competitors accomplish in weeks or even months.  Our process-driven approach creates organizational resilience within our clients so they can prepare, assess, detect & respond to modern threats

Cyber Practice Features

  • Former three letter agency nerds with deep cyber security experience
  • Past Industry Performance Includes, Manufacturing, Industrial, Healthcare, Law Firms, Media, government agencies, and many more
  • 24/7 Cyber Protection for Onsite and Cloud Solutions
  • Secure Migration from Onsite to Cloud Solutions
  • Cyber Assessments to identify vulnerabilities and develop mitigation plans
  • Cyber Audits including CMMC to Identify Specific Threats including Log4j
  • Automated Security Monitoring

AgilePath Cyber Playbook – Process Overview 

  • Assessment – Review existing security systems and align with business requirements and goals
  • Design – Secure Cloud Solutions
  • Develop – Design and Build the Cloud based solution
  • Implement – Deploy to Cloud
  • Continuous – Monitoring, Evaluation and Improvement

AgilePath Team Approach

  • We are a multidisciplinary team that includes former chief executives of major SaaS firms, government cyber operators, incident responders, network engineers, architects and software developers.
  • We integrate a wide range of expertise in all our projects to deliver secure- by-design digital architecture that provides modern businesses the means to alleviate personnel shortages on the SOC through automation, while offering best-in-class security measures that drastically reduce network downtime, latency, and rote human tasks.

About AgilePath Corporation

AgilePath®, since 2003, is a Digital technology solution firm focused on enabling enterprise agility and operational excellence through the adoption of emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity Solutions, Data Analytics, App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Business Process Transformation and more.

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