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The AgilePath®  Artificial Intelligence Practice is our latest and most innovative offering, bringing our clients the latest IT advancement. 

Contact out AI team to discuss how we can apply AgilePath® AI solutions to meet your industry specific business and technology objectives. Applications Include the following:

  • Machine learning 
  • Chatbot Service 
  • Voice Assistant Service 
  • Inner Process Automation 
  • Sales Intelligence 
  • Deep Learning 

We also offer offshore Artificial Intelligence capabilities and resources to provide quality and cost effective solutions.

Machine Learning 
Neural Network 
Deep Learning 
Natural Language processing 
Cognitive Computing 

We have expert Artificial Intelligence development teams to develop highly scalable and quality based development services. You can hire AI Developers to make digital products and solutions along with AI-powered solutions and mobile applications. 

  • AI services for Retailing Industries : Build innovative retailing platforms with state of the art inventory applications, Cross channel marketing, and improved market segmentation services.

  • AI services for Manufacturing Industries : Apply AI concepts to enhance manufacturing processes including  application to IoT.

  • AI services for Healthcare Industries : Improve  diagnostic capabilities, health management, and patient outcomes with our AI healthcare consulting services. 

  • AI Service for Financial Industries : Apply AI FinTech solutions to improve security, risk analytics, credit analysis, and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Robotic Process Automation service : We apply Artificial intelligence to enhance robotic process automation. 

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