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Release of Event Driven Governace White Paper: A Lean Enterprise Governance Manifesto

Improving Business Performance with Event-Driven Governance™

Governance as a discipline is either hated or tolerated, depending on the organization you talk with.
Some organizations do not allow the word “governance“ in their corporate discourse because it is so overloaded with negative perceptions of overhead, over-control and compliance. Mere mention of the word sends IT executives running for their offices with their hands over their ears, muttering to nobody in particular “I know nothing.” Enterprise Governance earned its poor reputation because of a variety of factors. A few are explored below:

Governance is most often mistaken for compliance and risk management, as opposed to ensuring enterprise performance
Governance is often viewed as overhead due to large number of oversight committees, policies, regulations, etc.
Inability to enforce governance policies due to lack of control or influence over business, funding or both
Poor governance design; focus on the wrong issues or requirements
Poor governance capabilities, immaturity, general governance malaise
However, we believe the image of Enterprise Governance needs a makeover. All of these negative perceptions of “Governance” detract from its potential to become a strategic capability that can dramatically improve business and IT performance. We believe that enterprise governance is a strategic, performance-based capability that drives execution, performance and behavior based on strategic goals and objectives, operationalized through metrics. Implementing Enterprise Governance as a performance enabler is realized by focusing on key priorities and ensuring transparent decision making through explicit governance processes and trust-based governance principles.

This white paper develops a model for an efficient, effective, scalable and friction-free enterprise governance framework, which we call Event-Driven Governance.

Event-Driven Governance is a framework for governance based on principles of just-in-time, event-based policy enforcement, and virtual governance organizations that are triggered by governance necessities (as opposed to creating oversight committees or duplicate governance organizations). Event-Driven Governance is a performance-based model, driven by metrics and processes, as opposed to a compliance-based model centered on policing conformance. Our motto for this approach is simple and compelling: Don’t fine-tune your current Governance model. Tear it down, and replace it with Event-Driven Governance

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