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Six Most-Asked SOA Questions



From AgilePath’s experience, we find that most IT executives exploring SOA ask questions that revolve around six fundamental themes. This whitepaper will provide answers to the six most common SOA questions we hear from Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Architects grappling with their SOA initiatives.

The six most-asked SOA questions are:

1. How do we get started with SOA? Where do we begin?

2. What Services should we begin with? How do we identify the appropriate Services for our initial SOA projects?

3. What SOA technology solutions do we need and in what sequence?

4. What governance model and policies do we need? Who “owns” the SOA efforts?

5. How do we measure SOA results? What’s the ROI?

6. What organizational, process and skills issues will we face?

These questions apply to organizations just beginning to experiment with Web services as well as those that have been down the SOA path for a few years and yet feel they need to re-strategize around their services model and the new technologies available for deployment. This whitepaper will provide some answers to “The Six Most-Asked SOA Questions” and suggest ways to begin your SOA journey.

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